About Us

The dictionary defines: Peerless adj. – Being such as to have no match, incomparable.

Dr. David C.  Cowen DDS established Peerless Dental in Spokane Washington in 1916.  He did most types of Dentistry.  He was skilled in marketing and had a very extroverted personality.  He did not register the name Peerless Dental Clinic and Lab back in the day.  Dr. Cowen would have bushel bags of wheat, large bags of potatoes etc., piled up on the sidewalk in front of the Zukor building. The idea was that he would trade Dentistry for farm crops and produce. He also sponsored softball teams in the Inland Northwest and B.C.  Canada.  He was a showman. As the business grew to about 73 employees, Dr. David C. Cowen’s interests grew. He ran for political office and was elected as a State Senator from Spokane, to represent the people in Olympia, WA.

Dr. Allan E. Hinkle, DDS met Dr. David C. Cowen and worked for him a few years prior to Dr. Cowen’s passing. After Dr. Cowen passed his wife Anne tried to keep the business going. She was unable to do so and she sold the business to a dentist from Tri-Cities, WA. This dentist soon ran into major financial problems because of Dr. Cowen’s “Lifetime” dental replacements for dentures. There were lawsuits and the court ruled that the “Lifetime Warranties” could only be for Dr. Cowen’s life and he was deceased. So all of the equipment and supplies were sold/auctioned off. All employees were given their pink slips. Dr. Hinkle was not working at Peerless at that time. He had quit some 5 years prior to the closing of Peerless downtown (in the Zukor building).

Three of the former employees of Dr. Cowen opened Peerless Dental Clinic and Lab at 7204 E. Sprague Ave.  It was there from about 1977 until 2011. Dr. Hinkle learned that Peerless was going out of business and all equipment was being sold off in March 2011. Since Dr. Hinkle had done Oral Surgery and Restorative Dentistry for thousands of Peerless Dental patients over the years, he purchased some of the equipment. He also purchased the Peerless Dental Clinic and Lab name. He registered the name and logo with the Secretary of Washington State. Dr. Hinkle believed there was a lot of “Good Will” associated with the “Peerless Name” and this has proved to be true.

And last but not least this is the Centennial for Peerless Dental Clinic and Lab! Yes, 100 years!!!